About Us

Our Story

In late 2019, Our Founder while hiking in Yucaipa with a friend and his daughter inquired how locals organized themselves in sporting and recreational activities. During these discussions, he discovered that there was no social engagement platform that could connect Sportsmen or Outdoorsmen with similar interests to relevant facilities(places). Since then, he developed an interest in gathering more insights on this subject; this turned into a passion, idea, concept and eventaully incorporation of Playmefy Inc an Event Technology Corporation based in Acworth GA incorporated in early 2020.


What We Do

Playmefy is the one stop shop (OSS) platform for Sports, Lifestyle, recreation, and Fitness. The application matches people of similar interests with host facilities to organize and manage events seamlessly. Creating a team, Event or Booking a facility are some of the benefits that Playmefy offers.


Why We Do It

The world is becoming more digitized and connected, but people are still lonely and isolated. There is a global but disintegrated sporting talent pool that is difficult to match and discover. There are numerous underutilized facilities that could attract more customers and subsequent revenue. Lastly, we have a lot of unmotivated people that require accountability partners to reach their health and wellness goals.


Our Mission

To build in person communities by seamlessly providing connections, participation and Management of sports and recreation facilities as well enhance Talent discovery.


Our Vision

To become the world’s largest Lifestyle, Sports, Recreation and Fitness platform that brings people and places together.



Our Team